Intense Pulsed Light procedures can be used for a wide range of skin concerns and can effectively treat:

*  Acne scars

*  Pigmentation

*  Wrinkles

*  Open Pores

*  Stretch Marks

It is also used for hair removal on the face and body.

IPL is a strong light beam with a specific wavelength. The energy from this beam of light is absorbed by the pigment of the hair or the skin and is matched according to your specific skin, hair colour and hair thickness. The IPL has specific effects and applications depending on the wavelength.

We use the Bentlon IPL Dual Power Flash which is one of the most advanced units available and guarantees visible results and less number of treatments. It is safe and effective.

The light from the flash penetrates only a few millimetres deep into the skin and the light is filtered so that the flash has a very specific effect without causing any damage to the skin. Each flash feels like a little tick against the skin.

The duration of the treatment depends on the area to be treated.

Call us for a free consultation to discuss how IPL could be used to target your particular skin concerns.